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Alpha Immobiliare Fund

is the first contribution fund to have been placed in Italy

It was created in 2001 with the contribution of 26 INPDAP properties - mainly destined for the tertiary sector - located in Bologna, Milan and Rome.
Alpha is also the first example of divestiture of public assets through a real estate fund and its market success has prompted further sales of public property.

Type Closed-end real estate fund with public contribution
Placement From 12 to 28 June 2002
Initial Equity € 259,687,500
Number of units 103,875
Placement Price € 2,600
Duration The duration  has been extended for a further 15 years, compared to the original expiry set for  June 27, 2015, thus providing the expiry to June 27, 2030

focus on our buildings

RomaVia Longoni, 3
RomaVia Lamaro, 51
RomaVia del Giorgione, 59
BolognaViale Aldo Moro, 44
Agrate BrianzaVia Colleoni, 15