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Alpha Fund Characteristics
Type Closed-end real estate fund with public contribution
Contribution date 01 March 2001
Initial equity € 259,687,50
Number of units 103,875
Recipients Retail clients and qualified investors
Placement From 12 to 28 June 2002
Global Coordinator  MCC
Sponsor Meliorbanca and Banca Finnat Euramerica
Placement price € 2,600
Depository Bank  State Street Bank International GmbH Succursale Italia
Listing  Listed on Borsa Italiana’s Telematic Funds Market (MTF) Class 2 Closed-End Fund Segment
Specialist  Intermonte SIM SpA
Trading code QFAL
ISIN Code  IT0003049605
Minimum amount  One unit
Asset management company Dea Capital Real Estate SGR
Independent expert assessors Avalon Real Estate S.p.A
Asset allocation target  Real estate assets and rights in rem in immovable property largely for tertiary sector use, both offices and commercial spaces, located at least 75% in Italy or the European Union
Returns Returns from management of the Fund are distributed for at least 80%, unless otherwise justified and determined by the Board of the SGR. Revenues generated and not distributed in previous years may be used to generate income to be distributed in subsequent years..
Management commissions  Fixed annual commission of 1.6% of the net overall value of the fund. Annual overperformance commission as established by the fund regulations at point
Minimum return target above which the final variable commission will be paid to the SGR Change (in the year prior to the complete disposal of the fund’s net assets) in the gross capitalisation index of the treasury bonds recorded by MTS S.p.A. plus 0.75%
Tax treatment 20% of the returns and capital gains paid
Duration The expiry is set for 27 June 2030.

The SGR conserves the right to adopt the liquidation of the Fund prior than its expiry date (“Liquidazione Anticipata”), if this is in the interest of the unitholders.